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Many people think that I am weird because I always have a book in my hands and I’m always reading. Basically, when people say I’m always on my phone is because I am reading. I love to read, and to read doesn’t mean I am smart–I just love the stories, to feel lost for a couple of hours in a world that is so completely different from mine–it makes me feel alive.

English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or typos you find in my blog. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t try. I write how I think, literally. So my reviews are just all going to be crazy thoughts about how I felt when I was reading.

I do go to school, so I’ll try to post at least one post a week. I am new to all this book-blogging business. I could really use some advice, so if you wouldn’t mind, I would appreciate any advice that you can give me!

I hope that I get to meet all of you book bloggers that are out there and I wish that all of you have a wonderful new reads!


A New Beginning.

Dominican Republic: a country which I’ve learned to love throughout the early years of my life, and that now, I don’t get the opportunity to enjoy it a little bit longer. Everything was going okay for me, I was in the middle of my senior year in high school, my friends and I had finally made a reservation for this humongous party back in the beach–which by the way, the tickets are hard to get–and my family was having a great time with each other after years of discomfort. Yes, everything seemed fine, until two days before Christmas. I was on my way to the balcony, when my mom called me into her room. As I walked in, I saw a haunted look in her face, making me feel nervous, anxious even. “Sit,” my mother said in an impatient voice, and I did as she told me. “You are leaving the country,” I heard her say, and I know she was saying something else because I saw her mouth moving, but no words came into my ears. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. “When?” I asked, cutting out any other words that might have come out of her lips, “In two hours.”

I remembered burying my face in my hands and crying. I’d never been a strong girl, even though I always portrayed this tough girl appearance–which is easy because I have a tall and intimidating body–I’ve always had the soul of a little girl. I cried because of everything I left behind, because of my family, knowing my mom couldn’t come with me because of paper problems and with her, my two baby brothers would have to stay, when was I going to see them again? Even though I’m an United States citizen, I’ve been living in the D.R since I was a little girl. All my friends were there. My entire life was based in that country. I’ve been studying in the same school since I was five years old, and now, in the middle of my senior year, I was supposed to leave it all behind? I wanted to scream, to throw things, but I didn’t. I wanted my mom to have a positive lasting image of us together. With tears rolling down my face, I asked, “Why now? Why did you wait two hours before the flight to tell me?” She was wiping tears from her face when she answered, “Because I didn’t want you to feel upset, depressed or sad. I wanted you to have the last days here as you would like to have them, as if nothing had happened. I didn’t want you to cry over nothing, and besides, I wanted you strong, like you always are.” Another lie, I thought, but it didn’t matter now. Nothing did. The thing that really impressed me was the time that my mom chooses to tell me. I’ve always known I had to leave some day, but the fact that she told me two hours before the flight, and in the middle of my senior year, made me want to pick up a fight with her, but it will be useless, and besides, I love my mom. She did what she thought was right and I had to support her and keep strong, because that’s what everyone expects from me.

The hardest thing for me was saying goodbye to two of my best friends, I couldn’t exactly go to them, and so, I called them. When they answered, I told them the news. They already knew; of course, my mom told them and not me, but that didn’t keep them from crying. I didn’t though, I had to keep being strong, not only for them but for me too. By the end of the call I was devastated, but I refused to cry. I told them not to worry, that maybe one day, I’ll get to see them again, and that it doesn’t matter how far I am, I’m always going to be near them. Packing up was easy, I’d never been a girl that carries too many things, and my mom had already prepared a bag for me with presents and souvenirs that she wanted me to give away once I got to the U.S. I put a few of my favorite clothes in the bag, a couple of t-shirts, some pants and shoes, and left the house that held so many memories, and that I knew I was going to miss more than anything.

On my way to the airport, I felt the warm air of December, blowing my black short hair straight into my face. I also saw the trees, with the most beautiful green leaves I’d ever seen in my life, dancing with the breeze. The sun was in its highest point giving me a slight sheen of sweat; some bluebirds, shrikes, and siskin birds were riding the sky, drifting through the wind, singing the happy melody of all days. Then in the airport, when I’m about to jump in the plane, I said goodbye to my mom and hugged her, knowing that it might be a long time before I see her again.

Once I got to the United States, to the state of North Carolina, I knew nothing would be the same for me. Outside, I crossed my arms around me, shielding my body from the freezing air. My uncle and my brother, who already had five years living here, took my luggage and put them in the car, and on my way to settle down to my uncle’s house, I saw how lifeless this place was. The trees were dead. They had no leaves on them,they were all dried and scary looking. There were black crows that seemed locked in the gray sky, circulating the car as if it was that part of a scary movie where the birds follow you and you know something bad is going to happen. The buildings were sort of terrifying for me, not that we didn’t have any back in D.R, but I wasn’t able to see them everywhere like I did here. With their tall and intimidating image, I was really scared. Something about this place was wrong and I knew it, what? I didn’t know, but I knew that from now on, I had to prepare myself for the things that were about to come: new language, new people, new places, and to be honest, I wasn’t ready. For the first time in my life, I was afraid of a new beginning.

Scrabble Thoughts

This is part 1 of my crazy thoughts. They are just some crazy things I come up while I am working, sometimes they pop-up in my head while I am walking, or even when I’m reading. But they usually come to me when I’m alone at work. They are like these  internal conversations that I have with myself, I call them  scrabble thoughts. They can be called quotes, sentences, poems, or anything that makes more sense to you. These are the one I came up with today:

  1. Nothing matters more to me than not doing what’s important… What I feel is right inside me.
  2. I want him to say what’s in his heart always.
  3. Nothing is stopping you from telling me the truth. If you haven’t said anything is because you are afraid of the outcome. If so, please save it. It’ll do more damage than good.
  4. Be the you you want to be, not the you people want to see.
  5. Is not like suddenly you are going to look at me and say something like, “Wow, you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Right? So let me imagine it in my head.  Make it something real in there, because right now imagination is all I have.
  6. And the men I don’t like are the men who come to me. Could life be more selfish?
  7. The sexy thing he does with his lips! It drives me crazy. I learned his name today. Mac.
  8. I don’t give two fucks about what you think! I’m done caring for people who don’t care about me.

That’s it for today. I know they are many, but as I said before, they come alive inside my head whenever they want to. I can’t control these thoughts, so I just learned to let them be. I hope you can find one that appeals to you, or something that you recognize yourself with and hopefully you can stick to it, and maybe not feel alone. Or just have fun with them. You can continue them if you like. Make a short-story out of them, or even a song, or add another thought to it. I think that will be cool. I don’t mind.


This has been one of the most amazing journeys I’ve engaged in my life. This 5 covenant books have rocked my world. Once again JLA leaves me with my mouth hanging wide open!


(Keep in mind that this is a review of the complete series.)

For the last week this book did numerous things to me:
1. Happy

I love how quick Alex was to answer. I loved her stubbornness, I loved how hardheaded she was and how she didn’t take shit from anyone. How all of her actions came from the heart and not from her head.
2.It kept me intrigued

The way the story itself developed was amazing. Alex and Aiden, and all of her friends were all strong characters. I mean sure, they all had their flaws, but even Lea was incredibly brave. Marcus and Seth were just amazing characters. And even though we lost Seth for a couple of books there, he still managed to keep a part of our hearts.3.Angry

I think this gif is really appropriate for how I felt most of the time reading this book. Especially with the gods. There’s a statement that Alex makes in this book, where she tell Apollo that the battle that they were fighting, wasn’t their battle but the gods, and yet they’ve all dumped their issues into the human world. Well I was pretty pissed with everyone. I am not sure I like the ending of this book very much–don’t get me wrong–I am happy for them, but it was weird ending considering all the other alternatives that this book could’ve ended, but oh well. I was angry, as well, with Alex believe or not, sometimes she could get under my skin, and Seth, well he is another story.


So many deaths, OH MY GODS, so many unnecessary deaths. Everything was so devastating, and in the end of this book, I just couldn’t take anymore. I broke down and cried for all of those characters who didn’t made it through, I even cried for those who I thought didn’t make it, but that if I kept reading I might have save some tears. But still, it was heart crushing.

But I’m really happy that I’ve ended this incredible and amazing journey with Alex and Aiden, and all of their friends, and even enemies. This is a series that would always be a part of my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Because today is Valentine’s day, I thought it was time for me to read a contemporary romantic novel. “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. 20160212_192720I’ve heard good reviews about it, and just recently watched the trailer for the upcoming movie, so I’m super excited to finally give it a try. BTW, the trailer looks so good, can’t wait for the movie. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it.

My overall wish for you today is that you get to spend this day with your loved ones. And if by some reason you don’t have anyone to share this day with, then remember that a book is always a good company. There’s no reason for you to be sulking in this day. Be happy because you are alive, and be happy for those who have found love in their lives. Remember, love is universal and selfless.

Have a lovely day my fellow book readers. I love you!