This has been one of the most amazing journeys I’ve engaged in my life. This 5 covenant books have rocked my world. Once again JLA leaves me with my mouth hanging wide open!


(Keep in mind that this is a review of the complete series.)

For the last week this book did numerous things to me:
1. Happy

I love how quick Alex was to answer. I loved her stubbornness, I loved how hardheaded she was and how she didn’t take shit from anyone. How all of her actions came from the heart and not from her head.
2.It kept me intrigued

The way the story itself developed was amazing. Alex and Aiden, and all of her friends were all strong characters. I mean sure, they all had their flaws, but even Lea was incredibly brave. Marcus and Seth were just amazing characters. And even though we lost Seth for a couple of books there, he still managed to keep a part of our hearts.3.Angry

I think this gif is really appropriate for how I felt most of the time reading this book. Especially with the gods. There’s a statement that Alex makes in this book, where she tell Apollo that the battle that they were fighting, wasn’t their battle but the gods, and yet they’ve all dumped their issues into the human world. Well I was pretty pissed with everyone. I am not sure I like the ending of this book very much–don’t get me wrong–I am happy for them, but it was weird ending considering all the other alternatives that this book could’ve ended, but oh well. I was angry, as well, with Alex believe or not, sometimes she could get under my skin, and Seth, well he is another story.


So many deaths, OH MY GODS, so many unnecessary deaths. Everything was so devastating, and in the end of this book, I just couldn’t take anymore. I broke down and cried for all of those characters who didn’t made it through, I even cried for those who I thought didn’t make it, but that if I kept reading I might have save some tears. But still, it was heart crushing.

But I’m really happy that I’ve ended this incredible and amazing journey with Alex and Aiden, and all of their friends, and even enemies. This is a series that would always be a part of my heart.


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