Saint Anything by Sarah Dressen

saint anything4.5 Stars

“You always think you want to be noticed. Until you are.”

This book brought so many emotions to me, but over all I guess it was just difference and understanding. I felt like I understood Sydney, her brother Peyton was just seeking attention, unnecessary attention, and I don’t think he knew he already had enough. He was really irritating.

Everyone, once in a while feels like Sydney, forgotten, invisible, lonely. That’s a normal feeling at teenage years, but it’s all up to you, on how you decide to live those years. Sydney acted brave for the most part and I was proud of her for that, not everybody has will to live up to society’s expectations, especially when it  comes to our parents. Her parents where just like any other parent, I believe that’s why the frustrated me the most.

How could they not notice Ames?

Oh My God! her mom. She was just so stupid and naive. She knew her son wanted her to leave him alone; however, she didn’t. No wonder he was in jail. When people expect things from you, you feel a certain amount of pressure when doing them, and if you fail, your self-esteem goes down, because, not only you left yourself down but also the other people.

I guess that’s what happened with Peyton. He’s time in jail was well deserved.

“You get used to people being a certain way; you depend on it. And when they surprise you, for better or worse, it can shake you to your core.”

Now that I’ve finished the book I think it was an incredible good step of from Sydney to finally go an apologize to David Ibarra. Her mother was too stubborn to do it. I am proud of  her. The progress that their family had made was clearly one of good use. I am not sure what to think about Peyton, they said he was improving but he was doing the same thing before the accident, and well I hope that wherever he is, he realizes that he needs to change.

In general, the book has a great story,it is a common life story,  beautiful and self-love. This story has more to do with how you feel, how many of us feel at some point in our life.  Mac and Sydney were a very sweet couple. She felt comfortable around Mac, just like all of us felt once we got to meet him. Lindsay was just all over the place. I loved her fry addiction , it was delicious,it was as if I could almost taste  the fries in my mouth, especially because I am too team fries.

Conclusion, Sarah has a great mind, and the way she describes the story I think is very clever. I’d enjoyed reading this book.


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