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Non-Spoiler Book Review | “Goodbye Days,” By Jeff Zetner.

This book is highly underrated and I feel like the story line is needed to be read everyone, not just teens, adults should read this book too. I gave this book 4 stars out of 530649795 just because it was a little slow to start. This is the first book I read from Jeff, and I have to say I’m really impressed.
Goodbye Days follows the story of Carver, who sends a text that kills his three best friends in a car accident. Apparently, he was waiting for them, and they were driving to meet him, and he sent the text to see where they were, and well, texting and driving is not a good thing. I felt bad for Carver throughout this whole book because the people blamed him for the deaths of his friends, even himself, and he suffers so much. They are taking him to trial because of it, looking to press criminal charges against him. And need I remind you that he’s only 17, so the stress level that he’s feeling is so overwhelming that he starts having panic attacks. I think that the only thing that helps him get through his depression are Jesmyn, one of the best friends widowed-girlfriend, his sister Grace, and his therapist Dr. Mendez.
His sister acted the way I would have if my brother was going through a situation like this, God forbids, she’s the older sister that every kid should have. She was the one who recommended the therapist, and I believe that kids should realize this, that if you have a problem going on in your life, and it’s best if you talk it out with someone, don’t be afraid of getting help, it would make you feel so much better, you just gotta give a chance.
In the midst of losing his three best friends, one of the fathers of the friends is a Judge, he’s the one pressing charges to Carver. The sister of one of his best friends hates him to death because she blames him for the death of her brother. And not to mention that he just keeps remembering his friends on the different stages of his life.
He decides is a good idea to have some sort of goodbye days to his best friends, a sort of way of letting go, and he does so with each of the families. This book is incredibly sad, I cried like a baby, please be careful when you are driving out there, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE, because I would hate for something to happen to you over negligence just like it happened to Carver.
This book teaches us a lesson, and I just hope that we learn it before it’s too late.


Non-Spoiler Book Review |”What I Need” by J. Daniels.

Okay, I’ve been waiting for this particular book to come out for a while now. It was a gr29328328eat book, a nice romance before I jump back out to my normal fluffy teen reads. This book follows the story of CJ and Riley. We know CJ from the previous book as one of the guy’s partners. Riley is Reed’s baby sister. In this story, CJ gets injured and Riley agrees to help him.
The only problem I had with this book was how disgustingly sweet it was. Between CJ or Riley, I don’t know which one was more cheesy. OMG, there was so much cheesiness in this book to drive me crazy–how many eye rolls I did while reading the book. But besides that, I feel like it was a great story. Riley frustrated me at some point because of her efforts of trying to keep their relationship a secret, which I understand because I had to keep secrets like this from my family before, but she was committed to her belief–I felt bad for CJ. J. Daniels writing style is amazing, I love her writing, 5 stars for that. I gave this whole book 4.5 stars and the only reason is because of too much sweetness between the characters. Don’t get me wrong, they were so cute, but it got overwhelming at some point.
I mean, I wish you could see their “ultimate fight,” I was like, “wait? that was it?” and it happened in the end, and she gave us such a prompt end too, I feel like she could’ve prolonged the conclusion a little bit more, or include an epilogue. But oh well, until the next one Daniels.
xoxo, Martinez.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Five Stars

This book has a beautiful story, the only problem is that there’s a lot to keep up with. If you are not an avid reader, I would recommend taking notes while you are reading.

Simon and Baz have a complicated relationship–at first you don’t know what to make of  it–but everything sorts out in the end. This book is written in the point of view of many characters, these are:

  • Penelope: She’s Simon best friend, and she’s super smart. With her, Simon and Baz get to solve the mystery of the humdrum and, well, she is really hard to ignore because once she get’s a hold of you, she woScreenshot_2016-03-06-20-56-57 (1)n’t let you go.
  • Agatha: she is and then later was Simon’s girlfriend. She is really afraid of the magic world. And well, she is not in love with Simon, so basically… (weird)
  • Lucy: is Simon’s mom, and I’m not sure sure what is her part in this book, but whatever–not my problem.
  • Mage: Then there’s Mage, he’s so complicated, and is just annoying to be honest. But then there’s–
  • Baz: Simon and him are roommates. They hate each other. Baz is abducted for six weeks. Simon spends all that time looking for him. He is kind of frustrating if you asked me. I really don’t know how the two of them survived around each other.
  • Simon: He’s the most powerful magician ever known and that terrifies him. He is also the one who has to put an end to the humdrum.

The story revolves around their intern school. Is a really great book, so if you are into magic, romance and Rainbow. This is the perfect book for you!